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CME Opportunities

Coming March 2024 National LGBT Health Awareness Week CME Series

Pitfalls & Pleasures: The World of PA Publishing

February 1, 2024

2023 National LGBT Health Awareness Week CME Series

March 21-23, 2023

Access our series of three video presentations on healthcare for LGBT communities:

  • Physical Exam Pearls for Trans Care
  • Let's Talk About Sex
  • PrEP for Primary Care Providers

2023 CME Series 

2022 National LGBT Health Awareness Week CME Series

 March 20-24, 2022

Access our series of five video presentations on LGBT Health 101:

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Sexual and Gender Minority Health But Were Afraid to Ask
  • Re-Envisioning Sexual History Taking: What Every PA Needs to Know
  • What Every PA Needs to Know About Masculinizing & Feminizing Hormone Therapy
  • My Patient Wants PrEP
  • My Patient Wants an Anal Pap: What Every PA Needs to Know About Anal Dysplasia

2022 CME Series 

Pride in PA Practice - LBGT PA Caucus CME Series

June 20, 2020

In lieu of an in-person annual AAPA 2020 Conference, the Caucus created its own online conference to virtually connect members and provide LGBT-focused CME to PAs, PA students, and other healthcare providers. It was held during June, in celebration of Pride Month 2020.

Slides have been made available to Caucus members at the discretion of the presenters. Unfortunately, video recordings of the presentations are not available.

Topics include

  • Preparing a Sexual & Gender Minority  Presentation 101
  • Celebrating Gender Diversity: Foundational Concepts
  • What to Do When Your Patient has an Anus or a Penis
  • Caring for LBQ Womxn
  • Ambulatory (Outpatient) Coding: Telemedicine in the COVID Era

2020 Pride in PA Practice CME Series

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